Amplifying Impact

Impact a billion lives

  • Envision

    Understanding the most critical issues and pressing problems to build smart tech-enabled solutions

  • Engage

    Engaging various stakeholders at all levels to build habit forming products

  • Experiment

    Prototyping and experimenting to arrive at a viable solution.

  • Empower

    Empowering the community with our solutions to amplify impact.

  • Why ?

    To touch and impact lives of the people at the BOP by the solving the most pressing problems through our tech driven solutions

  • What?

    We encourage behavior change through our habit-forming products based on human psyche

  • How?

    We use technologies based on IVR, ICT, IOT and use concepts like gamification and behavioral sciences to build our solutions

Our Offerings


    Form engine is a data collection mechanism that helps ease out the process of data storing and analysis.


    An engagement engine based on the concept of gamification wherein we strive to create modules based on games

Other Products

Our Initiative

Community Mapping

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  • The insights they provided during the whole process have not only helped us built a better product but also opened up new possibilities in terms of the way we function. Our team loved their dedication and professionalism! I will prefer working with them again because of their young and energetic team who always come up with new ideas.

    Dr. Rajat Chabba
  • Just loved the fact that they’re not afraid to experiment and go the extra mile at times! They are full of ideas and gave a whole new perspective to the solution we were looking for and we ended with something far better than we had initially thought of! We would love to thank them for giving a new dimension to the way we work!

    Kshitiz Anand
  • We’ve had an absolutely wonderful collaboration with them. The product they built for us was completely in sync with our needs. Our vision was to simplify our process and digitize most of our work.  We’ve not just achieved that but also increased our efficiency and productivity. My team is completely in awe of the solution they provided!

    Swapnil Chaturvedi

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